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Storage unit and things to look out for

When assessing various storage facilities, extra space and amenities, ensure that you consider the following key factors:

  • The control of climate
  • The accessibility at a certain degree. For instance, find out if they are offering access for 24 hours to the storage facility. If they are opening on Sundays and public holidays. You have to make sure that the facility hours are matching with your hours before you rent a unit
  • The lock numbers
  • Monitoring of video
  • Surveillance in person
  • Contracts and pricing offered
  • Size which is offered
  • Overall security and safety of the facility
  • How well the facility is lit
  • Online reviews regarding the facility

Do you require the storage unit to be climate controlled?

If you happen to be storing furniture and clothes, you would wish to have a storage unit which is climate controlled. Fortunately, most of the storage facilities which are available offer this particular type of storage unit. The climate control helps in protecting your belongings from extreme temperatures, outside conditions and humidity.

The units also are able to prevent molds, mildews, and other conditions which might be nasty from having to thrive from instead your storage unit.

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