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How can I get more traffic to my website from Google?

After you launch your business online, you wait for traffic. Maybe you are selling a one-of-a-kind product or service or trying to promote affiliate products from your website; you will need tons of traffic searching for those services, products, or information. Often, we have seen nicely-created websites are struggling to get enough traffic. Paid searches, social media campaigns on different platforms may drive some traffic, but do they match the volume of organic traffic a search engine, especially Google, send to your site? Let us take a look at some interesting statistics revealed by Statista – the leading market and consumer data provider:

  • In January 2021, Google processed 12.69 billion search queries.
  • Google handled 61.7 percent of the U.S. desktop search queries.
  • Google was also the dominant mobile search provider in the United States, capturing almost 93.22 percent of the market.
  • 40,000 Google searches are performed every second.

While there is no doubt that top Google rankings can make your business explode, the steps to reach the top positions are not easy. It requires extensive knowledge of ranking factors and proper implementation strategies – in short, search engine optimisation, the way Google wants it. Search engine optimisation is the most critical tool in your marketing arsenal you need to get ahead of your competition. Organic search traffic is the most cost-effective for any online business.

Search Engine Optimisation – The Best Way To Boost Visibility 

It is now universally acknowledged that you need to optimise it for better rankings and increased visibility if you have a website. But how to do it correctly? There are tons of guiding materials available on the net that teach search engine optimisation methods. But not all are reliable. There are different types of hats involved in the process – black, grey, white – and wearing the right one is crucial for your success. Often, novice business persons choose black-hat methods for instant ranking and get penalized. Google has strict and in-depth guidelines for web admins. But it takes hours of effort and energy to create a site based on these recommendations.

Technical Factors Can Affect Your Ranking 

If you are optimising your site, you need to address some technical issues. Technical factors combined with the non-technical ones create the blueprint of your SEO success. Is Your Site Indexed? Does it have the HTTPS seal? How fast it loads in mobile browsers? Are there any broken links? The list can be pretty exhaustive yet vital for the site health and optimisation strategies. By creating a technical-SEO checklist, you can optimise your site for higher Google rankings and get more traffic.

On-Page Factors For Better Ranking And Search Engine Optimisation

Once you figure out the technical SEO issues, the goal is to improve the on-page factors. From writing unique page titles, meta descriptions to creating tons of attention-grabbing, unique content, you need to work hard for your SEO success. For on-page optimisation, choosing the right sets of keywords – the ones for the best conversion – and using them seamlessly with your page content is important.

DIY or Hire A Specialist?

There’s an on-going debate – should I hire an SEO agency / professional or take the DIY route? Depending on your knowledge of the domain, your business goal, budget, the amount of time and energy you can invest in your DIY-SEO project, you need to decide the best way to address SEO for your website. However, SEO has become more complex than before, and it is evolving every day. Hiring an SEO expert for your website could be the best move, considering the assurance and professional approach that comes with it.

Hiring an SEO-Expert

Website owners can hire SEO agencies for better ranking. However, SEO agencies can be expensive and may ask for long-term commitments. If you don’t have big budgets for SEO, hiring an SEO consultant is a good alternative.  Search engine optimisation by Slingshot ensures improved organic visibility. Matt Davies, the freelance SEO consultant with many years of experience, can steer your business to the SEO success you want. This Manchester-based SEO consultant has helped many B2C and B2B clients with top rankings. Ask Matt to create your unique SEO campaign for the best result.

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