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4 Effective Ways to Measure SEO Performance with Metrics and KPI

Begin with your goals

To determine the success of the SEO campaigns you are working on depends on the basis of the goals of that very campaign. For instance, KPIs will differ when trying to rank the keyword ‘wedding dress’ as number one than just cramming as much traffic as possible into the top of the sales funnel for booking an online appointment or registering for a webinar.

Visibility metrics

According to an SEO Singapore company, visibility is defined as getting your website seen by as many people as you can. Visibility KPIs for SEO may entail impressions in search results, your share of voice and organic ranking positions in the SERPs.

Overall visibility or impressions

Search impressions tend to broadly determine the overall organic visibility. For instance, when beginning with an SEO or content strategy that is working well, has high quality content, the impressions of your site is making in SERPs is the KPI you may need to work on. Make the most of Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tool for benchmarking the number of impressions of your website in the beginning of every campaign or promotion. Ensure to annotate if there are any changes or additions made to the website so that you can keep a close eye on any effect on the changes.

Topic and keyword ranking

This is the oldest and the most used SEO metrics as you are working on keywords almost all the time. When your clients are too focused on ranking a particular keyword your ability to prove its value may depend on the next Google algorithm update and nobody wants that. When you work strategically with the keywords, topics you are tracking and reporting on, you can prove the success of your SEO efforts.

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