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Business Storage Units – Should I Still Keep Old Stuff?

From products to paperwork; businesses accumulate a lot of stuff. When you work from home or out of a small office space, keeping everything in one place isn’t easy. Before you know, you could be climbing over boxes to reach your desk and struggling to find the right paperwork. As well as stressing you out, this is sure to send an unprofessional image you want to avoid.

View here as Self storage is an alternative to renting a house or an apartment. It is more of a temporary solution for people who are leaving their homes for vacations, relocations, and other such reasons.

That’s why many small business owners seek solutions like business storage units. These offer an affordable way to get the storage you need outside of the office. They can ensure that you’re better able to manage your business and keep track of everything you need. The question is, should you keep old stuff here?

Knowing how long to keep hold of things in business can be tough, and the idea of clearing out your storage unit might send fear into your heart. What if you need those things down the line?

In truth, there’s no easy solution, but there are pointers which can help you decide whether you should keep old stuff. And, we’re going to discuss them here.

Consider cost-efficiency

Cost should play a leading part in everything that you do in business, and storage is no different. While it can be tricky, you need to be logical about how cost-effective storage of old stock or equipment would be in the long-term. You may feel sentimental about early models of your products, after all, but they don’t stand to earn you anything. As such, paying for storage wouldn’t be practical.

Bear in mind, too, that it’s worth considering the long-term costs of storage like this. As you’ll see on sites like https://www.henfieldstorage.co.uk/site/chiswick, it’s often possible to get a discount on pre-paid long-term storage which could make keeping old stuff more cost effective. In cases where there’s no discount, though, you may find that it isn’t worth your while to keep things after a certain period.

Is physical storage necessary?

It’s also worth asking whether physical storage is necessary for your old stuff. Obviously, there are no alternatives with old products. In the case of paperwork, though, keeping all your old files in physical storage probably isn’t at all practical. That’s because it’s now possible to store files from years ago in digital format and free up your storage space for more essential things in the now. You can either delegate the task of paper-to-digital transference to a member of your team or hire an outside company who can take care of this for you.

Limit yourself

Ultimately, deciding whether to keep old stuff in a business unit comes down to limiting yourself. As mentioned, you first need to make sure that you’re limiting units to things which still require physical storage. It may also be worth setting an age limit of around five years. You can then clear your business unit regularly to adhere to this and ensure that you’re able to keep old stuff while still making room for the new.

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