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The Importance of Retail Signage

If you run a retail outlet, you will already know that signage is important, yet many retailers are unaware that their choice of message, the font and the colour, all add up to make a real difference. There are a few different types of retail signage, which we will examine in this article, along with useful advice on placements, colours and sizes.

Informational Signage

Some shop signs (ร้าน ป้าย โฆษณา as they are called in Thailand) are there to tell visitors where things are. It might be directions to the restrooms, emergency exits, or even where specific products are displayed, and this kind of signage needs to be located above eye level, to enable people to see the sign from any location. It is important to understand that if a customer finds your store very convenient, they are far more likely to return, and by enhancing the buying experience, you can expect to enjoy more repeat business.

Calls to Action

These signs can make the difference between making a sale and just browsing, and with powerful messages, such as, “Buy Now, While Stocks Last”, or “Special Offer This Month Only” will certainly encourage visitors to make a purchase. The location of call to action signage is also very important, as is the font, the size, and the colour, and with a local signage creator in your corner, you can be sure of having effective calls to action signage in all the right places.

Creating a Buying Ambience

The interior decoration of your store should be a warm and inviting ambience, and the right signage plays a vital role in achieving this, especially the calls to action. Correct signage helps a customer navigate your retail space, and the more convenient their experience is, the more chance you have of repeat business. Prior to making any decisions regarding in-store signage, talk to a local signage expert, who can help you with the design, and with their wealth of experience and your concept, you will soon have the right forms of signage in your store.

Branding Opportunity

Designing interior signage offers a great opportunity to enhance your branding, and by using company colours and logo, you can get far more out of your signage. It is a good idea to spend some time observing store visitors, with the specific aim of watching how people respond to the signage. If, for example, you have a few enquiries about the location of a particular product, this tells you that signage is needed and you can act accordingly.

Exterior Signage

Slightly different to interior signage, your outdoor signs are designed to attract visitors to your store, and by making good use of technology, you can deploy a digital message board that is programmable. This is a great way to tell people about special offers you are currently running, and by talking to an established local signage company, you can make an informed decision regarding your shop front signage.

With the right signage in the right location, you are enhancing the buying experience for your customers and that should lead to increased sales.


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