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Things The “Best Places To Work” Have in Common

Have you ever wondered why some people are always happy to go to work while others dread Sunday evenings with the thought of Monday morning looming around the corner? It all comes down to whether employees feel appreciated or not. Having a high salary doesn’t necessarily mean that the employees enjoy their jobs. There have been many instances where a high paying employee leaves their job because they don’t feel appreciated or have satisfaction in what they do.

You’ve probably heard of companies being awarded as one of the best places to work of the year. The big question is, what makes those companies the best? Below are a few things that the best workplaces have in common.

  1. Transparency

For an organization to be considered one of the best places to work, people need to feel like the company is being honest and transparent with the employees. People feel appreciated when they are kept in the loop about current projects, upcoming changes, and daily management of the business. Typically in these companies, upper management is aware of their employees and ensures that they listen to the employees’ ideas and concerns. By doing so, the employees feel valued and appreciated, leading them to contribute and put even more into whatever tasks they are given to handle.

  1. Reward Systems

Companies that offer their employees with favorable perks and benefits have a lower turnover rate due to the fact that the employees feel appreciated for the work they do. It feels good to be recognized and rewarded for the work you do well. Rewards such as employee of the month or a thank you gift card go a long way towards building trust and showing appreciation. It encourages others to work harder to be rewarded as well. Additionally, employers who reward their employees after they achieve a milestone often cultivate a long lasting relationship with their employees even after retirement.

  1. Culture

Perhaps, one of the things that make a company one of the best places to work is the culture of the workplace. A culture that is aligned with the mission of the organization goes a long way in ensuring the business is profitable and stays ahead of its competitors. Additionally, great culture in the workplace means that the employees interact with each other well and work harmoniously as a team to ensure that the organizational goals and objectives are achieved. For example, Xyngular Utah, a company that was awarded several of the “Best Places to Work” awards over the years is known for its influential organizational culture and has made it a well known company.

  1. Fitness Benefits

We spend a good portion of our life in our place of work. Longer work hours have made it difficult for employees to find time to work out and stay healthy. As such, most of the best places to work have a gym within their premises where their employees can go and wind up at the end of the day. If the facility doesn’t have a gym on site, many of these places offer a stipend towards a monthly gym membership.As a result, employees can stay healthy and reduce their stress. Exercising not only helps people stay in shape, but has been proven to boost concentration levels, which in turn, result in increased productivity.

What else have you noticed about the “best places to work?”

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