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Sanitary Valves of Ten Different Types

There are many different applications of sanitary valves in food and drink industries. Most of the parts are of stainless steel which is acid-proof.

The sealing parts of these valves are of usually polytetrafluoroethylene material or any food silicone rubber that conforms to the standard meant for food hygiene purpose.

Following are few lists of different types of sanitary valves.

  1. Sanitary Ball Valves

All these sanitary ball valves can be widely used in wine, food, beverages, fine chemicals, dairy products, biological and pharmaceutical engineering and also many other different kinds of industries.

  1. Sanitary Butterfly Valves

Since we all know, for particularly in certain special applications stainless steel materials are used for making sanitary butterfly valves.

These sanitary butterfly valves can be very useful and also necessary for most of the beverage and food industries because the media where certain security is needed to maintain for water and food.

  1. Sanitary Check Valves

Some special variant of the conventional check valve of disk type which can totally eliminate the valve body.

Instead of using standard Tri-Clamp gaskets these sanitary check valve will feature fluoropolymer disk assembly which is mounted.

  1. Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

These sanitary diaphragm valves can have very wide applications in the food, diary items and products and also in many other industries.

In order to make an effort to reduce further dead legs and also meet the rising demand for shrinking the entire overall valve assembly’s envelope, all the sanitary diaphragm valve producers developed its block body.

  • Sanitary Diverter and Shutoff Valves

When all these varieties of sanitary shutoff as well as divert valves remain closed, fluid will pass through its tube and there will virtually be no dead leg available between the tube and the weir.

  • Sanitary Regulating Valves

Most of these sanitary regulating valves are of two assembly types that are typically used for simple diversion process and sampling.

  • Sanitary Gauges and Sample Valves

Most of these sanitary sample valves along with their gauges are having extensive applications in biological and pharmaceutical engineering industries.

  • Sanitary Steady Pressure Valves

These types of valves are probably the very common type and are the sterile access.

  • Sanitary Air or Pressure Release Valves

These sterile access valves usually used as main valve in horizontally mounted while GMP valve is normally mounted vertically.

  • Sanitary Tank Bottom Valves

Here it is so designed that multiple valve is accommodated in single stainless-steel block.

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