Rule Property Technology Or It’ll Rule You

Sometimes you may feel somewhat overwhelmed using the technology stuff available

that will assist you enhance your property business?

Websites, Gps navigation navigation navigation, PDAs, laptops, desktops, bluetooth, automated 800 figures,

managing contacts software… Their list is actually limitless.

Ever look like technology really keeps you against getting things done?

Within my travels helping property professionals use technology to enjoy better paychecks,

I have found you’ll find essentially 2 types of people: individuals who rule technology

and individuals who’re ruled by technology.

The main difference does not have a good deal connected with precisely what a person understands

gadgets, gizmos, websites and so on. This can be a difference of understanding, and

understanding is really a factor everybody get access to. The key factor distinction here’s

intention – the deliberate decision you have to make precisely technology fits

for the business.

Just like a business doesn’t have value with no customer, technologies are useless until it

can be used any kind of purpose – to achieve some goal.

Using technology for almost any specific, well considered purpose may help let you your

goal more rapidly with less effort.

So (as Entertainment system . do) property pros who have built multimillion dollar

companies without activating your pc, but I’m not writing by themselves account.

Using technology to boost your house clients are smart business. Listed below are

good quality ideas , make certain that you’re the one that is stays in charge.


#1 Set your objectives FIRST. Then make use of the tools you have to achieve individuals goals and

ignore the rest. Just what what everybody else does?


For example the mobile phone. Everybody needs one right? No. Would you like to be

available to your customers in the moment’s notice?

Maybe, not. There are numerous effective property professionals on

sides from the argument.

Set your business goals FIRST, when you provide your mind check out selecting the various tools

(technology) you will need to achieve individuals goals.


#2 Don’t begin the deep finish


For individuals who’ve never switched using the pc and possess little passion for them for your

business, then don’t decide to buy the newest one with each and every single bell and whistle

on the planet.

The aim is not to obtain tech savvy. The aim will probably be productive and enjoy better paychecks


Don’t start too rapidly and take small steps. And make certain the productivity grows

with every single technology “step” you are taking.


#3 Learn… and learning


Are you able to read books about property? About business? About marketing? Throw

1 inch every every so often about technology. In addition to, dedicate a while

every month to get web read some articles which will educate you the way to

use technology in your business.

Never stop learning. Learning is just one of your finest proper assets.


#4 Obtain a schedule and abide by it


Are you able to take a look at email or voicemail message message message 20 occasions every single day? 10 occasions every single day? Do you want

to? Will it make you more lucrative or simply busier?

Create a agenda for the way you communicate with technology. For instance, you’ll be able to return

voice messages before lunch and check your email 2 occasions every single day.

The facts within the schedule don’t matter. Make sure it is nevertheless, you need. The key factor

factor is the fact that there’s an agenda and abide by it. Your schedule will keep technology

from spilling to time you need to be productive.


#5 Realize that most technologies are far under perfect


I truly mean this. Next time your pc freezes or even your email goes haywire,

don’t blame yourself. There’s a 95% chance it wasn’t whatever you did.

Typically, technologies are mediocre. It’s bugs, quirks along with other problems

that appear at worst occasions.

Just accept the fantastic coupled with bad and uncover in route.

Stop blaming yourself. You are much more intelligent in comparison with pile of wire and

plastic that’s your pc.

Jason Leister, property Technology Guru ™, is online resources Computer Super Guy, LLC, a Chicago-based technology firm that can help property professionals profit with technology.

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