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Interesting Creative Business Card Box Ideas to Leave an Impression

Business cards are key players in attracting business and how you keep or give them to your customers is equally important. Business cards should be in abundance, easily accessible, conveniently placed in view of your customers so that they can either pick them up or ask you to give them one.

Handing out business cards does not guarantee business but it eventually does one day and the cost of a visiting card is less compared to business it can bring and handing them out to masses is the best choice. Refine Packaging custom designed visiting card boxes help you reach out to larger masses by attracting your customers to ask for a visiting card.

Here are four creative ways to design the business card boxes to attract more customers.

Pocket Boxes

When you go out for meetings, you need to carry business cards and there is nothing better than having a custom designed pocket visiting card box which meets your business design outlook. A box having base color, accents and design features similar to your website and creative material is great for leaving a long-term impression on your customers and stakeholders. The great thing about Pocket boxes is that you can take them to events, conferences etc. where you are in direct competition with your competitors and even a small thing that can give you an edge over them matters.

Product Design Boxes

Most companies have a core product, for example a real estate agency has houses. The best visiting card box sitting on your table can be a house shaped visiting card holder. These small things make your brand image stronger and creative expression can take your business further. When thinking of such a design keep in mind the core colors of your brand and the target market. The customer should be able to connect with the design.

Pickup Boxes

There are tables and open waiting areas where the customers are sitting by themselves, if you plan to give them access to your visiting cards so that they can refer to others, you can design an open box. An open box gives free access to your customers to pick as many visiting cards as they want. These boxes are of great use at front offices, counters at events, kiosks in fairs and events etc. One should keep at least one card pickup box ready for events and special days.

Packaging Boxes

If you have small items that you either sell or offer as giveaways, you can design small visiting card boxes. You can give products and giveaways in these boxes and the customers might use these visiting card boxes for a while to store the product inside.

These are some of the creative visiting card box ideas which can help you keep a good stash of visiting cards that you can distribute among your customers with great ease. People recommend people when they are satisfied with your services and a visiting card in their pocket will definitely come in handy in such situations.

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