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Four Applications of Steel you Might Not Know Before

Steel is a significant component of contemporary life. With its long life cycle, strength, reusability, and resistance to corrosion, industries can use it for different applications. The metal is primarily used in the manufacturing and construction industries. But, it is also extensively used in the energy sector and automobile manufacturing. No matter what your industry is, below are some of the uses of steel that you might want to know about:

Partitioning Walls and Fences

Houston steel is used in constructing light structure such as fences and partitioning walls. The most advanced fencing systems are made using steel tubular structures. The industry takes advantage of the metal’s components that tend to be easy to assemble and prefabricate. Moreover, because steel is easy to clean, it is used for farmhouses where dirt can quickly accumulate. Also, steel provides great resistance to abrasion and shock which make it a perfect component for making light structures.

Making Items Used in the Food and Catering

A number of kitchen accessories and cutlery are made from stainless steel. Steel of less hard grades is used for making knife blades while the more ductile versions used in making any items that must be molded into shapes such as sinks, gas cookers, and frying pans. Additionally, stainless steel is usually used to offer the finishing touches to home appliances such as fridges and dishwashers.

Equipment Manufacturing

Equipment fabrication requires the use of materials that can be formed and welded. The choice of material is based on its elongation when fractured, demonstrating its ability to be stretched before breaking. Depending on the grade, stainless steel can have more than 50% value, making it ideal for making equipment which requires complex and unique shapes. Also, as steel is weldable, it offers an extra edge since it does not require post welding treatment aside from eliminating discoloration.

Making Storage Tanks

Stainless steel is an ideal metal used in making containers to collect slurry and biogas fermenters. These tunks need to offer mechanical stability as well as liquid and gas tightness. The formability of stainless steel makes it the perfect material for making stiffeners designed to prevent aging which would normally exist in tanks made from other materials such as cement. The resistance of steel to corrosion reduces the wall thickness of tanks by up to 30% while retaining its mechanical strength.

There are other applications of steel in various industries and whatever you are using steel for, you must get it from a trusted and reliable supplier. This way, you will be able to get a constant supply of the material, ensuring you meet your project deadlines.

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