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Five Tips to Hit your Taylormade Irons Better

In the world of golf, the most forgiving taylormade irons are quite popular. The brand sponsors a lot of big names on tour. A lot of golfers feel confident with this brand and believe the clubs from this brand are made with craftsmanship and precision.

When done correctly, golfers who can hit their irons solid will have a great feeling. But, when they hit a bad iron shot, they can feel it right away in their whole body. Below are some tips to help you hit your most forgiving taylormade irons better and get the shots you want to hit.

Begin with a Low Takeaway

The majority of iron shorts, particularly the longer irons, require more of a sweeping motion to ensure the ball travels straight. Consider taking the club back low and slow. Often, the slow backswing gets the swing on an even plane and helps in promoting a solid ball strike. Meanwhile, the low swing plane will offer the sweeping motion necessary to hit an iron solid.

Ensure your Arms are Kept Straight

Keeping your arms straight is necessary throughout the whole swing. This will promote a shoulder turn and prevent you from lifting your arms. A lot of newer golfers attempt to swing with only their arms and this produces a weak clubhead speed and inaccurate shots. Focus on locking in your arms and getting your shoulders turning to get a consistent and accurate shot.

Involve your Whole Body

Keep in mind that you can only produce the desired shot with iron shots when you involve your whole body. The full body rotation will offer the speed and power you will need to hit a consistent shot. Open your left foot a bit to promote this rotation. Also, before you begin your downswing, turn your hips toward the flagstick first.

Make a Divot

When doing a shot, focus on trapping the ball between the clubhead and the grass. Also, your divot must be in front of the ball instead of behind it. Often, new golfers are hesitant to take up divots as it feels a bit weird. You should not be afraid to get in there so you can take a great whack at the ball.

Sweep the Club on a Longer Iron Shot

Instead of digging the club into the ground, you need to sweep it on a long iron shot. Although you can still take a divot, it must not be as dramatic as a shorter iron shot would be.

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