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Cost Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to your E-Commerce Platform

If you run an online store, finding ways to invite online consumers to your platform will always be on your mind, as this leads to increased sales. While most online businesses enlist the help of digital marketing agencies, there are a few things that you can do to drive web traffic to your shopping cart website.

  • Optimise your Website for Google – The biggest search engine is, of course, Google and if you would like more people to find your digital platform, you should have your platform optimised for Google searches. This is quite an art however, and you are advised to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency who offer search engine optimisation services to their clients. When online consumers search for products and services using Google, you want your URL to be very prominent and over a period of time, you could go from page 12 to page 1 and that would make a huge difference to the number of site visitors you receive.
  • Social Media Marketing – Known as SMM, this is perhaps the most powerful marketing avenue of all, with Facebook advertising in Perth that is managed by an SEO agency. Such is the popularity of Facebook ads, there are specialist companies that can penetrate and reach the users who are in your target groups. Facebook’s major source of revenue comes from advertising and you set your advertising budget and the professional SMM team will create and manage an ads campaign that will achieve the desired results.
  • Buy Now – Pay Later – If you forge an alliance with an online finance provider, your customers can buy now and pay later, and if the finance is interest=free, so much the better. All you need to do is search online for such an organisation that will provide an interest-free way for your customers to buy your products and spread the cost over a few months.
  • Create a Blog Page – Posting engaging and informative articles that are industry related is a great way to hold the interest of a site visitor and the more blogs you post, the better. You can hire web content writers to compose such articles and by inserting specific keywords, Google will notice your site and that will boost your rankings within Google searches.

For the very best advice, talk to a leading SEO agency as they have the know-how to make the most out of digital marketing and deliver the desired result.

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