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Advantages of using a placement agency

In any organization, one function that is highly underrated is the Human Resources (HR) department. There is a misconception that the HR department is only responsible for executing formalities related to ‘joining & relieving’ of employees. Contrary to popular belief, the HR department plays a pivotal role in ensuring that qualified & talented candidates are on-boarded so that company hiring goals & objectives are met.The HR team is normally the one who is responsible for screening of resumes &shortlisting the right candidates. However, that is a very difficult task as the team has to scan through a number of resumes.

The other challenge is that the HR team needs to co-work with the technical teams from different divisions since multiple projects execute in parallel and each team has its unique set of requirements. Irrespective of the size of the organization, the HR department should operate on a ‘lean model’ so that the team can be empowered and in the process,your organization can also save costs. As an organization, you should always look for mechanisms through which the HR function can be optimized and one manner in which the optimization can be done is by forging a partnership with leading a placement company.

An experienced placement company adds experience and expertise to the HR function since the team in a reputed placement agency has experience with candidate screening, candidate selection, different types of interviews, etc. Placement agencies are much better when compared to direct recruitment agencies since they have a vast amount of experience that can complement the capabilities of your in-house HR team. They co-work as a team to fulfill your hiring objectives.

Let’s assume that your branch in Bangalore has vacancies in the IT department and you need someone who can look into IT recruitment. As a good placement agency has local teams in major cities of India, the local hiring requirement can be looked into by the team located in that city. This also reduces the amount of time your team in Bangalorespends on hiring. Once an employee is on-boarded, (s)he has to undergo orientation so that they know about the nitty-gritty of the organization. The placement agency can be instrumental in executing the orientation program since they work very closely with the resident HR team.

The placement agency can also collect valuable feedback from employees on a timely basis so that they can circulate the feedback to the management team. Such a feedback loop can help the organization in improving the processes and keeps the employee motivated on the job. Quality temporary staffing is used by organizations when they require staff for a project for a certain duration and do not intend to hire due to multiple reasons associated with the project. As placement agencies have a good database of candidates with various skills & experience, they can support the HR team for temporary staffing requirements. When you are looking for a placement agency, you should opt for an agency that can provide end to end resource management services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Leadership training, temporary staffing solutions, etc. Such kind of placement agency can be an ideal partner for your organization as you can engage with them on a long-term basis.

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